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About us

The team of SLS IP lawyers specialize in issues in the protection of intellectual property rights and in combating unfair competition. We provide professional legal advice tailored to the specific nature and business needs of our clients.

The team is headed by Iwona Jakubiak vel Wojtczak, lawyer specializing in the protection of trademarks, industrial designs and copyright, and by Filip Seredyński, legal adviser with many years of experience in the defense industry and in military technology transfers. More information about our team members can be found at www.slslegal.pl.


Copyright issues invariably intertwine with other legal issues in the corporate business. Issues related to acquiring or infringing on proprietary copyright in technical documentation, graphic design or product design are of particular importance.

Furthermore, the area of copyrights is also an important professional aspect for many individuals. SLS IP drafts copyright transfer agreements and license agreements covering copyrighted works, offers advice on how to use such works and represents its clients in disputes involving copyright infringements.


Unique appearance of the product and its packaging is often the key that unlocks its sales potential. This is why efficient protection of industrial designs is indispensable for many businesses. Our services include advice on how to use and protect designs, assistance in design registration in patent offices, representation of our clients in disputes involving design rights infringements, and drafting license agreements and design rights transfer agreements.


Efficient marketing is based not only on a genuine idea and a unique message, but also on its legal compliance. SLS IP provides advice on how to structure corporate marketing information carriers, including commercials, claims or product packaging information content. Our team also drafts marketing agreements, such as publicity campaign implementation agreements or celebrity endorsement agreements.

Techniques and technologies

Companies whose business model is based on implementing new technical solutions or using specialist technologies wish to acquire such technologies on favorable terms and to ensure their efficient protection. The SLS IP team offers advice in technology transfer, drafts rights transfer agreements as well as license agreements covering inventions, utility models or know-how. We also provide advice on how to protect solutions and prevent infringements. 


A powerful and well protected brand is one of the most fundamental aspects of a successful business. SLS IP advises its clients on how to use and protect their marks, assists them in trademark registration in patent offices, represents them in disputes involving trademark rights infringements, and drafts license agreements and trademark rights transfer agreements. Furthermore, SLS IP offers specialized services, such as audit of marks used by the client aimed at identifying the most adequate protection measures.

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